CONDOR download

(4/5/2008): Matlab-Condor binaries for the latest Matlab 7.4 is available.

(9/28/2006): Matlab-Condor binaries for Linux-32Bit and Linux-64Bit is available.

(2/15/2006): The unlimited-time version of Condor for Matlab-Windows is now freely available.

(4/26/2005): The Condor 1.11 update is providing easy parallel/distributed
optimization on many computers inside a TCP/IP network!

(11/4/2004): Condor is now available under Matlab!

(9/13/2004) : Free Binaries of Condor for direct Download!

The Binaries are fully functional version of Condor Based on the XML interface and the MATLAB interace for CONDOR.

You can now easily perform box, linear and non-linear constrained optimization on nearly any objective functions you like! The main limitation is the following: the number of variables to optimize should be lower than 100.

If you are an engineer who wants to optimize an industrial design or process using an objective function that is based on a windows executable which is running in interactive mode, you can use the WinBatch ( tool to transform your interactive window application into a batch process. Once you have a batch executable, you can easily use CONDOR via the XML interface. The combination of WinBatch with the xml-based version of CONDOR allows you to optimize nearly everything you can dream of! Have fun!

You can now optimize in Matlab any objective function you like using the matlab interface of Condor. You only need to provide an .m file that can compute the value of the objective function at a given position. That's all folks! Note that some functionalities of CONDOR are missing under Matlab:
  • hot start
  • parallel optimization
  • multi-objective optimization
  • access to additional configuration parameters such as tolerances,...
  • computation of the sensibilities
  • dynamic choice of the active set of variables to optimize.
The CONDOR binaries for the XML interface (XMLCondor) are time-limited. The time limit is one month. The executable will check the expiration date via an internet connection at each start of a run. Thus, you need an open internet connection at each start of XMLCondor. Warning: for the time limited version, you might need to open TCP port 1202 on your firewall.

A version of XMLCondor without time limit is available for applications without commerical usage and universities: Send me a mail! Please, include in the e-mail the following informations: Which version of Condor do you need (windows/linux/matlab/source code)? If you require the source code, explain why you can't work with a binary. Why is the time limitation (on the binaries proposed here) a problem for you? What do you intend to do with Condor?

NEW version v1.11: many bug fixes in the matlab code. Parallel/distributed optimization: The XML version of CONDOR is now able to use transparently any number of CPU's in a cluster of computers.

Here are the binaries:

The zip files contain examples of use described in the user guide for Condor ( also available in pdf ).
The examples are .xml files for the stand-alone version of Condor and .m files for the matlab version of Condor.
You can copy/paste and modify the examples to suit your needs. It's easy!
(Note: If you need a tool to manipulate XML files, you will find it here.)

If you publish a scientific paper where some of the results were obtained using CONDOR, please include inside your paper the following reference to CONDOR:

... or in bibtex format:

  • @Article{condor,
      author  = {Vanden Berghen, Frank and Bersini, Hugues},
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Free Source Code of Condor for direct Download!

Currently, the free source code is for unconstrained/uniprocessor optimization only.... ;-(

Download latest version of the free source code: CONDOR 1.06 (multiplatform code: win32/unix )

Older versions of the CONDOR code (all platforms) are available for direct download at the central download page of the site.

Older, simpler version of CONDOR are more suitable for people who have some interests for the internal
code of the optimizer (for the "machinery") and who do not have a strong background in optimization theory
(Older versions are not supported anymore, they are mainly here for educational purposes) .

NEW! (9/2/2007) CONDOR powerpoint slides for direct download!

download here!