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Preliminary numerical results

The goal of the objective function is to maximize the polytropic efficiency of the turbine keeping the flow coefficient and the polytropic head constant:

$\displaystyle f=-(\eta_p)^2 +10 (
 (\tau\eta_p)_{req} - \tau\eta_p)^2$    

where $ (\tau\eta_p)_{req}$ represents the required polytropic head.
The optimization of 9 out of 31 parameters (corresponding to a 2D compressor) using CFSQP gives as result an increase of 3.5 % in efficiency (from 85.3 % to 88.8 %) in about 100 functions evaluations (4 days of computation). The CFSQP stopped prematurely because of the noise on the objective function.

Frank Vanden Berghen 2004-04-19