IncredibleXMLParser  3.05
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oCICXMLNodeMain Class representing a Incredible Non-Transient and Constant XML node
oCIJSONPullParserTo parse JSON data strings, use the Incredible JSON Pull Parser (see example 12)
oCIPullParserPure Virtual Class defining a basic template for a Pull Parser
oCITCXMLNodeMain Class representing a Incredible Transient Constant XML node
oCIXMLAttributeStructure for XML attribute
oCIXMLClearStructure for XML clear (unformatted) node (usually comments)
oCIXMLDomParserClass Defining the Incredible XML Dom Parser
oCIXMLNodeMain Class representing an Incredible Non-Transient and Editable XML node
oCIXMLParserBase64ToolHelper class to include binary data inside XML strings using "Base64 encoding"
oCIXMLPullParserClass Defining the Incredible XML Pull Parser
oCIXMLReaderThe IXMLReader is used to "stream" data inside the Incredible XML Pull Parser
oCIXMLReaderFileThe IXMLReaderFile is used to "stream" data coming from a file inside the Incredible XML Pull Parser
oCIXMLReaderStringSZThe IXMLReaderStringSZ is used to "stream" data coming from an in-memory zero-terminated String inside the Incredible XML Pull Parser
oCIXMLRendererClass Defining the Incredible XML Renderer
oCIXMLResultsStructure used to obtain error details if the parse fails
\CToIXMLStringToolHelper class to create XML files using "printf", "fprintf", "cout",... functions