IncredibleXMLParser  3.05
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Parsing XML or JSON files/strings to get an ITCXMLNode, ICXMLNode or IXMLNode structure


 Streaming Data to an Incredible XML Parser


class  IPullParser
 Pure Virtual Class defining a basic template for a Pull Parser. More...
class  IXMLPullParser
 Class Defining the Incredible XML Pull Parser. More...
class  IJSONPullParser
 To parse JSON data strings, use the Incredible JSON Pull Parser (see example 12) More...
class  IXMLDomParser
 Class Defining the Incredible XML Dom Parser. More...

Detailed Description

To create new ITCXMLNode's, you can either use:

  1. the IXMLDomParser class (For XML&JSON): Refer to example1(), example4(), example12().
  2. the IXMLPullParser class (for XML): Refer to example7().
  3. the IJSONPullParser class (for JSON): Refer to example12().

To get ICXMLNode from ITCXMLNode, use the deepCopyConstant() method.
To get IXMLNode from ITCXMLNode, use the deepCopy() method.